Talk Shit, 2016

learn to be messy and learn to talk shit

learn to leave places when you know they don’t fit


work hard to earn keep in a world you’re unsure of

work hard to stay steely, cast out notions of love


pray all you’ve done will reward you one day

pray that no one will know that you pray


breathe hard and breathe deep but know it will end

breathe in and breathe out, power pose, and click “send”


know that nothing you do is for sure

know there is no such thing as being pure


at the end of the day, open your legs and your heart

in the morning think that nothing could keep you apart


unlearn it all, make it all go away

make space in your mess for his holy day


nothing is certain, but blood, sand, and grit

take it all away, at least you know to talk shit


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